Mark Keathley - View From The Upper Garden 18X24

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I just love places that look like they could be exactly the same as they were 100 years ago. In Texas and Colorado, it is hard to find a structure that is older than 150 years. However, some friends of mine from Keswick, England go on treks every week, and just about everything they see is well over 300 years old. This old farm is one that they photographed as they passed by on a glorious afternoon with their two Golden Retrievers. They post their snapshots on their blog page, and I peruse their site for the great ones. I added the farmer and his sheep, but everything else is just as it has been for a long long time. Sit a spell and take it all in. The centuries of families enjoying a simple life of tending the land and their herds is inspiring. It’s the circle of life, and you can see into the past from this “View from the Upper Garden.” – Mark Keathley (12 pay $ 62.50) (6 pay $125.00) (4 pay $187.50) (2 pay $ 375.00) 0 % Interest!

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