Mark Keathley - Seasons Of Life Mini Canvas 12X18

$ 195.00
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Life is full of changes. Out of the dullness of winter springs new life where the senses are heightened and living is bright and sweet. The warmth of summer causes growth and maturing followed by Autumn’s celebration of what all has happened in the year with a show of color that brings worshipful awe. The rhythm of the seasons is a gentle reminder of the changes which face us each year. Seasons of Life, reminds us to seize the moment before us. Whether it be a playful occasion with your children or the prospect of dreaming up your future, face it with serious joy! Yours is the only life you can live, and the people closest to you are the only ones you can love. Like this momma bear watching over and admiring her cubs, be aware of the dangers yet enjoy the moment. Joyfully embrace the changes that come in the “Seasons of Life.” ~ Mark Keathley (12 pay $16.25) (6 pay $32.50) (4 pay $46.87) (2 pay $ 97.50) 0 % Interest!

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